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What is silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer? The role of silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer

What is silicon-aluminum-calcium?

Silica-aluminum calcium deoxidizer product description:
Silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer is a kind of deoxidizer used in steelmaking industry, mainly used in electric furnace, converter, medium frequency furnace smelting. The product can replace aluminum wire, calcium silicate, barium silicate aluminum, calcium aluminate and other products, meet the operation requirements of deoxidation, desulfurization, refining of molten steel, and is suitable for High carbon steel 、alloy steel and other specifications of steel.

The main features of silica-aluminum calcium deoxidizer include:

  1. Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer ---low melting point, rich alloy components, can quickly melt in liquid steel, forming a strong reduction atmosphere, help to absorb impurities in steel, improve the form of inclusions in steel.
  2. Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizercan improve the fluidity of molten steel, purify liquid steel, improve the quality of steel, effectively prevent the oxidation of metal elements, and rationally play the use of metal.

3. silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer integrates silicon, aluminum and calcium three kinds of super-strong deoxidizing elements, is a more ideal composite deoxidizer, desulfurizer, can be used in high quality steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and other steel and nickel base alloy, titanium base alloy and other special alloy production.

4. The use of silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer can reduce the gas in steel, reduce the inclusion in steel, and has obvious deoxidation, desulfurization effect. It can also solve the problems of floc and billet skin pores in continuous casting and improve the quality and quality of steel Machinability.

5.Silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer can also be used as a warming agent for converter steelmaking, and can also be used as a inoculant for cast iron and an additive for ductile casting iron.

6.According to customer production needs, silica-aluminum calcium deoxidizer can be made into silica-aluminum calcium balls, silica-aluminum calcium particles, silica-aluminum calcium powder and other different forms, in order to reduce pollution, facilitate smelting absorption and operating environment.

In general, the silicon aluminum calcium deoxidizer is a comprehensive and effective steelmaking auxiliary material, which can significantly improve the quality and performance of steel.


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