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What is silicon slag?

Silicon slag is a by-product of smelting metal silicon and ferrosilicon.It is a kind of scum floating on the furnace in the process of smelting silicon.It’s content is from 45% to 70%,and the rest are C,S,P,Al,Fe,Ca. It is much cheaper than purity silicon metal.

Silicon slag is used for steel slag refining pig iron, ordinary casting, etc. The silicon slag can improve the furnace temperature and increase the flow of molten iron. Performance, effective slag removal, increase markings, improve the toughness and cutting ability of castings.



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How to produce Silicon Slag ?
Silica slag comes from the residue of ore refining, It is a by-product of silicon metal and Ferro silicon production process.
It also can be deeply processed into briquette, lump, powder to improve efficiency.

What is the use of silicon slag?

Silicon slag is widely used in steel slag re-smelting pig iron and ordinary casting. It can improve the furnace temperature, dilute the molten iron, increase the fluidity of the molten iron, promote slag discharge, and increase the label.

1. Silicon slag can be used for refining, recrystallization and purification;
2. Effectively discharge slag, increase the label, improve the toughness of the casting and the cutting ability, stainless steel manufacturers use silicon slag as a reducing agent in the process of refining stainless steel in an electric furnace to increase the rate and output;

3.Silicon slag can used in steel mill instead of Ferro silicon .

silicon slag

silicon slag

The advantages of silicon slag:

1.Silicon slag has a much lower price than ferrosilicon so it can greatly reduce the production cost in steelmaking.
2.We are a silicon metal manufacturer,so we can Guarantee the lowest price on time delivery, the best quality, the most timely after-sales service.
3.Sample will be provided free of charge .
4. Third-party test such as SGS / BV.
5. Customized according to customer’s needs


Silicon slag chemical Composition:

Silicon Slag
Type Si Ca S P C
Silicon Slag 45 45 5 0.1 0.05 5
Silicon Slag 50 50 5 0.1 0.05 5
Silicon Slag 55 55 5 0.1 0.05 5
Silicon Slag 60 60 4 0.1 0.05 5
Silicon Slag 65 65 4 0.1 0.05 5
Silicon Slag 70 70 3 0.1 0.05 3.5

Silicon slag Package: (1)25Kg/bag, 1MT/bag (2) according to client’s requirements
Silicon slag Size: 0-10mm, 10-100mm or as client’s requirement
Silicon slag Payment termT/T OR L/C

silicon slag delivery time: Within 7-10 days after receiving prepayment
We can supply you free samples, booklet, laboratory test report, Industry Report etc
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