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Silicon slag

What is silicon slag?
Silicon slag is a by-product of smelting metal silicon and ferrosilicon.It is a kind of scum floating on the furnace in the process of smelting silicon.It’s content is from 45% to 70%,and the rest are C,S,P,Al,Fe,Ca. It is much cheaper than purity silicon metal.

Silicon slag is used for steel slag refining pig iron, ordinary casting, etc. The silicon slag can improve the furnace temperature and increase the flow of molten iron. Performance, effective slag removal, increase markings, improve the toughness and cutting ability of castings.

The main types of silicon slag:silicon slag 45/50/55/60/65/70;

Customized various models and granularities



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The use of silicon slag:

1. Silicon slag alloy can be used in the purification process of ferroalloy

Silicon slag alloy can participate in the purification process of other ferroalloy products, which can effectively improve the silicon purity of ferroalloy products and make the products better!

2. Silicon slag alloy has the effect of effectively increasing the furnace temperature

Putting silicon slag alloy into the steelmaking process has the effect of increasing the furnace temperature, which can provide a stable and high temperature environment for the smelting materials, making the smelting more thorough and the smelting effect better!

3. The role of silicon slag alloy in other aspects

Silicon slag alloy also has the effect of improving the steel grade and effectively improving the efficiency of manufacturers. The use of silicon slag alloy in casting can also improve the gradual toughness and cutting ability!

silicon slag 60

4. Silicon slag alloy has the effect of improving the fluidity of molten steel

During steelmaking, oxides will be formed due to the reaction between molten steel and oxygen. If it is not removed in time, it will block the opening. Silicon slag alloy can effectively aggregate and filter the oxides, which is simpler and more effective!

5. Silicon slag alloy can be used in steel slag recycling process

The silicon slag alloy can also be applied to the steel slag recycling process, so that the steel slag generated during the steelmaking process can be re-melted to produce pig iron or steel, which greatly improves the yield of steelmaking and reduces waste!

6. Silicon slag alloy can be used for recrystallization

The silicon slag alloy can be returned to the furnace, and the silicon slag can be re-crystallized by re-smelting, so as to cope with the current shortage of silicon material and the price increase, which effectively improves the efficiency of ferroalloy manufacturers!


Silicon slag specification:

Silicon slag Package: (1)25Kg/bag, 1MT/bag (2) according to client’s requirements
Silicon slag Size: 0-10mm, 10-100mm or as client’s requirement
Silicon slag Payment termT/T OR L/C

silicon slag delivery time: Within 7-10 days after receiving prepayment
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