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High carbon silicon

High carbon silicon Introduction:

High carbon silicon as silicon carbon alloy,It is a new type of alloy used in converters,This product is a by-product of the production of metal silicon. The main content is composed of silicon and carbon. Other contents are: silica, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.

It can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, recarburizer, reduce the amount of deoxidizer, used in converter smelting deoxidation alloying process, the effect is stable, steel chemical composition, mechanical properties and internal control quality are better than traditional processes.

Common grades of high carbon silicon: 6515/6818;

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High carbon silicon producing process:

In the process of smelting metal silicon, the heating of the electrodes in the furnace is not enough. This causes the bottom of the furnace to reach the temperature required to produce metal silicon. Raw materials such as bottom silica and carbon are not fully reacted. After a long time of accumulation, high carbon silicon is thus formed.

Features of high carbon silicon:

Improve the quality of molten steel, improve product quality, improve product new capabilities, reduce the amount of alloy added, reduce steelmaking costs, and increase economic benefits.

The experiment and production application show that the deoxidizing alloy process using high carbon silicon has greatly reduced the cost per ton of steel, created considerable economic benefits and improved the market competitive advantage of steel.

Advantages of high carbon silicon:

The advantages of high carbon silicon deoxidation:

High carbon silicon contains silicon element. After the high carbon silicon is added in the steelmaking process, the silicon element in it interacts with oxygen to deoxidize the oxygen in the molten steel to increase the hardness and quality of the steel. The silicon element in the high carbon silicon and the Oxygen has a good affinity, so molten steel still has the characteristic of not splashing after being put into it.

The advantages of HC silicon slag collection:

High-carbon silicon also has the advantage of slag collection. Putting a certain proportion of high carbon silicon into the molten steel can allow the oxides in the steelmaking process to quickly clump together, which is convenient for filtration treatment, makes the molten steel more pure, and greatly improves the density and hardness of the steel.

The advantages of high carbon silicon to increase furnace temperature:

High-carbon silicon is a good temperature-resistant material. Putting silicon-carbon alloy in the process of steelmaking can increase the furnace temperature, increase the conversion rate of ferroalloy, and accelerate the reaction speed of molten steel and elements.

High carbon silicon allows many manufacturers to save costs:

Today, ferroalloy materials are more expensive. As a new type of metallurgical material, silicon-carbon alloy is favored by many manufacturers because of its lower price than traditional metallurgical materials. High-carbon silicon can replace expensive metallurgical materials such as ferrosilicon and achieve unexpected results. Satisfactory results, so the use of silicon-carbon alloy can save manufacturers costs and increase profits;


High carbon silicon specifications:

Common grades of high carbon silicon: 6515/6818;

High carbon silicon particle size: 10-100mm, 10-50mm or customized according to customer requirements;

High carbon silicon Packing: 1000kg/bags or according to clients’ requirement

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