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silicon carbon powder

The reaction heat generated by the oxidation of silicon and carbon in the silicon carbon powder has a low melting point, which can reduce the amount of electricity used and shorten the operating time. The recovery rate is high, the reaction speed is fast, and the casting cost is reduced.

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The content of carbon and silicon in silicon carbon powder determines the arrangement of cast iron. 
Obviously, carbon and silicon are both elements that promote graphitization and are intense inking agents. 
Practice has proved that when the cooling conditions are the same, 
the molten iron of white cast iron parts is originally obtained according to the stable system crystallization, 
and the carbon and silicon content is added to a certain value.
 It can make the original molten iron crystallize according to the stability system, thereby obtaining gray iron castings.

Silicon carbon powder is chemically stable, not affected by strong acids and alkalis, 
has less harmful impurities, low iron and sulfur content, has high temperature resistance, 
heat transfer, conductivity, lubrication and plasticity. It is widely used in casting, 
coating molds, batteries, and carbon products,Pencils, paints, refractories, recarburizers, etc.


Si Si C Al S P
1 》65% 》18% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%
2 》60% 》15% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%
3 》65% 〈5% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%
4 》60% 〈5% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%

Package: (1)25Kg/bag, 1MT/bag (2) according to client’s requirements
Size: 0-10mm, 10-100mm or as client’s requirement
Payment termT/T OR L/C
Delivery time: Within 10 days after receiving prepayment
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