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Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer

What is the Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer?

Silicon-aluminum-calcium is a new type of compound deoxidizer auxiliary material. It uses the active properties of metallic silicon, aluminum and calcium. After being added to the ladle, the silicon-aluminum-calcium has a good effect of deoxidizing and purifying steel. The silicon-aluminum-calcium deoxidizer is an aluminum-based high-efficiency deoxidizer developed and produced by steel mills that do not increase silicon or nitrogen.

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Performance of silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer:
The silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer is a new generation of steelmaking auxiliary materials developed by our company to adapt to the variety of steel processing and combined with years of experience. This product is suitable for converters, steelmaking deoxidation and desulfurization, and has strong deoxidation and desulfurization effects. Reduce the content of gas and sulfur in steel, reduce inclusions in steel, the effect is very significant. The main principle is that the aluminum in the product can turn the oxides in the steel into easily floating deoxidation products, purify the molten steel, and the combination of aluminum and calcium can enhance the deoxidation efficiency, so that deoxidation and desulfurization can be performed at one time, reducing the production process. This product has simple operation technology, improves product quality, and has significant economic benefits.

There are three ways to use silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer:
The first type: Add one-third of the molten steel to the ladle at one time. This can be effective because the silico-manganese, ferrosilicon, etc. at the bottom of the ladle have undergone preliminary deoxidation. Adding at this time is more conducive to silico-aluminum Deep deoxygenation of calcium

The second type: add ferrosilicon and silicon manganese at the bottom of the ladle to play a comprehensive deoxidation effect

The third type: add half of the silicon-aluminum-calcium to the bottom of the ladle, and wait for the molten steel to add the other half of the silicon-aluminum-calcium to the third part of the ladle, which can also play a better role in deep deoxidation.

silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer product holding points:
1. Reasonable chemical composition is conducive to slag formation as soon as possible, shortening the treatment time
2. Due to the rapid slag formation, it can reduce the curing time and power consumption.
3. Reduce the consumption of refractory materials in the ladle, increase the ladle, and increase the life of the furnace.
4. Has a good desulfurization and deoxidation effect


Silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer main physical and chemical performance index grades:

Common particle size of silicon-aluminum-calcium composite deoxidizer:2-20mm/customizable

Our company can adjust the content and particle size according to user needs.In the actual use process, the products can be made into silicon-aluminum-calcium particles, silicon-aluminum-calcium powder, etc. according to the production environment of the steel plant to reduce pollution, facilitate smelting and absorption, and improve the operating environment.


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