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Advantages of high carbon silicon, characteristics of high carbon silicon

High carbon silicon is a new type of alloy for converters.It is cheaper than traditional metallurgical materials, but it can replace the use of traditional metallurgical materials such as ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and recarburizers. Refining and deoxidizing alloying process;

High carbon silicon can also be called silicon carbon alloy because of its main elements are silicon and carbon, its content of silicon can reach 65%, sometimes even can reach 68%, the content of carbon is 20% more or less, other specification details include SiO2 and H2O etc.

High carbon silicon is always supplied in the lumps size 10-50mm or customized according to customer requirements, it is main used for diffusion deoxidation in the smelting of carbon steel.

Characteristics of high carbon silicon

The using feature include: good silicon activity, short deoxidation time, high deoxidation efficiency and use easily, saving energy, reducing environmental pollution and improving working conditions.

Compared with ferro silicon, the high carbon silicon is with higher carbon content, so when used as deoxidizer, it can also increase the content of carbon, it can replace ferro silicon and recarburizer and improve the comprehensive benefit of electric furnace.

High carbon silicon Specification:

Silicon carbon alloy : 6515/6818/6828

Size: 0-10mm, 10-100mm or as client’s requirement;

Hensfate silicon metal limited specializes in supplying metallic silicon and its by-products silicon slag and high carbon silicon.Welcome to our factory and company for a visit!If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.


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